About the School

Mission Statement

The mission of the Martin Luther King Career & Technology Complex is to educate all students by providing rigorous academic and industry standards that will contribute to citizens who can succeed in a 21st century environment.

For MLK to function successfully, the home, school, and community must share in the effort.  A wholesome relationship between faculty, students, and home not only enables the students to become productive members of the democratic society of today, but also prepares them to adapt to the ever-changing world of tomorrow.

"Achieving Excellence Together"

About the School

Programs Offered at MLK

In preparing our students to be productive workers and community leaders, five programs are offered at MLK.  They are as follows:

Health Science Core / Healthcare & Clinical Sciences: The Health Science program provides the core skills which can be used in a variety of health fields.  This program enables students to experience learning in actual and simulated health service environments.

Early Childhood Education:  The Early Childhood Education program is designed to prepare students for employment or continuing education in the early childhood education field.

Business Fundamental / Marketing:  Business and Computer Technology is designed to educate, train, and provide guidance for students who seek to develop the knowledge, skills, and behavioral characteristics necessary for successful entry level employment into the business world.

Construction / Carpentry:  The Residential Carpentry course is designed to prepare students to do quality work on the job in building construction.  Students learn the building trades of carpentry, electrical and plumbing at the beginner's level.

Welding:  This course focuses on the NCCER Learning Series Core. Students will leave the class with a firm foundation of knowledge in the areas of employability skills, safety, and basic tool knowledge. Additionally, students will learn Oxyfuel Cutting fundamentals.

Students experience great possibilities at MLK.  MLK is the place where everyone is achieving excellence together.